The Dented Fender

Boldly Shine

Find tools you need to guide you
past what’s blocking you…

    It wasn’t pretty.  My son begged to borrow my new car for his date.  As I hesitantly handed him the keys, he eagerly bolted out the door, my warning still ringing in his ears: “Be careful and DON’T DO ANYTHING TO MY NEW CAR!”  I’m sure you can guess the rest.

    Ironically, I have come to love my dented fender.  To me, it has become a symbol of a lot of powerful life lessons. Despite the fact my life has suffered some serious blows, those blows do not define me – just as that dent doesn’t define me.  I am greater than my circumstances, greater than my trials because I am a child of God.  He has taken those dark, ugly moments and used them to transform me into something stronger, something better.  My light shines more boldly and brightly for the process.

    So I keep the dent in my fender.  It reminds me that God uses the shamed things, the broken things of this world to do something pretty remarkable, even in someone as ordinary as me.  And this gift isn’t exclusive to me; it’s His gift to you as well.  I invite you to explore, to ponder, and to stay a while.  Here you will find encouragement for your journey, and a reminder that God can perform daily miracles within all of us.

–Barb Lownsbury &
The Dented Fender Team