It has been my pleasure to write this blog and share stories of faith and transformation.  I’ve tried to share as honestly and humbly as I know how about the power of God to heal and to help everyday folks like you and me; to remember that we don’t have to be rock stars, we just need to listen and trust God because He is!  After much prayer and thought, I am taking a brief hiatus from writing and posting.  Honestly, I am long overdue for some much needed R&R so that God can recharge my batteries.  And I’m falling in love.  I think these things are worth taking a short break for.

I plan to come back the beginning of September with fresh content, a fresh look, and a slightly different format to our writing team.  We will have a few less postings (2-3 per week) with a different rotation of our writers, and we will also be creating a space for guest bloggers—maybe you!  What won’t change?  The depth and realness of content you have come to expect.

Mostly I want to thank you for your loyalty and ongoing support, and for your comments and honest feedback.  We have grown from that initial group of just 20 or so folks to a group of over 500 subscribers and nearly 3000 readers a month—and growing!  My prayer is that when we launch the new format, you will love our new look and continue to share about us with your friends.

And as a reminder, if you’re looking for some inspiration in the meanwhile, you can always access our archives for some really rich content. You are sure to find some real spiritual gems there!  Sending blessings and God’s love your way as I continue to lift up the DF community in prayer.

From one Dented Fender to another,

Barb Lownsbury