We are excited that you have chosen to give back through
The Dented Fender!

The DF is all about equipping people to find a true, genuine connection with a Father who loves them enough to bring out the best in them, empowering each person to move forward through challenge and trials to a stronger, better place of spiritual health and healing. It’s about helping people understand God truly thinks they’re amazing and will take them right where they’re at now, in this moment, regardless of the mess involved.

Your help allows us to equip and empower many more people to overcome their circumstances, move forward out of their tunnel, and emerge ready to boldly shine. We appreciate your commitment to help achieve this goal and look forward to working with you. Our volunteers are the life blood of what we do, and the heart beat behind this ministry!

What Volunteers Can Expect: Our goal is to create an environment that allows our volunteers to work in areas that they excel in and that they love. We want you to boldly shine in your role and succeed in having a meaningful volunteer experience. We pride ourselves on treating our volunteers with respect, valuing their contributions of time and energy, and most of all, sincere appreciation for their commitment to our organization. We value diversity and will not discriminate. ALL abilities are of value with The Dented Fender and we strive to be accessible. We go the extra mile to ensure your loyalty and success. Before you dive in, know that you are already appreciated just for taking the first step!

To learn more about potential roles as a volunteer, how The Dented Fender came to be, and the services we provide, please fill out this Inquiry form or email us at thedfministry@gmail.com. THANK YOU!

The Dented Fender Core Team

Cathy Baker (on left) is a founding member of The Dented Fender. She helps direct content, oversees marketing, and helps drive community engagement and fund raising. She is also an official class facilitator and team leader. Cathy also serves on the DF board.

Lisa Freson (on right) joined the DF Core team after going through our original pilot class and experiencing personal transformation from the principles taught there. She is all things administrative and organizational. Lisa also helps with marketing and promotion, and is a very welcomed addition to the team.